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Universidad Miguel Hernández

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Articles - Artículos

  • 2018-SENSORS (Q1) – Error Resilient Coding Techniques for Video Delivery over Vehicular Networks
  • 2017-JVCIR (Q2) – Optimizing the image R/D coding performance by tuning quantization parameters
  • 2014-TSWJ (Q2) – Protection of HEVC video delivery in vehicular networks with RaptorQ codes
  • 2014-2-TSWJ (Q2) – On the Performance of Video Quality Assessment Metrics under Different Compression and Packet Loss Scenarios
  • 2013-SENSORS (Q1) – On the Design of a Bioacoustic Sensor for the Early Detection of the Red Palm Weevil
  • 2013-JASP (Q3) – Enhancing LTWimage encoder with perceptual coding and GPUoptimized 2D-DWT transform
  • 2012-SENSORS (Q1) – Monitoring Pest Insect Traps by Means of Low-Power Image Sensor Technologies
  • 2011-JSPS (Q3) – Rate control Algorihtms for Non-embedded Wavelet-based Image Coding
  • 2011-SPIC (Q2) – Low-Complexity 3D-DWT video encoder applicable to IPTV
  • 2008-SPIC (Q3) – M-LTW: A fast and efficient intra video codec
  • 2005-JOV (Q1) – Distribution of velocities in movies from natural human settings
    • 2013-WD (w.i.p.) – Evaluating HEVC Video Delivery in VANET Scenarios
    • 2010-HAIS (w.i.p.) – Low Bit-Rate Video Coding with 3D Lower Trees (3D-LTW)
    • 2007-PCM (w.i.p.) – M-LTW: A Fast and Efficient Non-embedded Intra Video Codec
    • 2007-PSIVT (Class 3.) – Low-Complexity TTCM Based Distributed Video Coding Architecture
    • 2007-INDIN (w.i.p.) – Analyzing the Impact of Commercial Video Encoders in Remotely Teleoperated Mobile Robots through IEEE 802.11 Wireless Network Technologies
    • 2006-ISM (Class 3) – A Study of Objective Quality Assessment Metrics for Video Codec Design and Evaluation

      Conferences - Congresos

      • 2017-DCC (Class 2) – Influence of Dead Zone Quantization Parameters in the R/D Performance of Wavelet-Based Image Encoders
      • 2016-ICME-ICMCS (Class 2) – Impact of Dead zone Size on the Rate/Distortion Performance of Wavelet-based Perceptual Image Encoders
      • 2013-DCC (Class 2) – 3D Wavelet encoder for depth map data compression
      • 2013-2-DCC (Class 2) – Perceptual Intra Video Encoder for High-Quality High-Definition Content
      • 2010-ICME (Class 2) – A fast 3D-DWT video encoder with reduced memory usage suitable for IPTV
      • 2009-ICIP (Class 2) – E-LTW: An enhanced LTW encoder with sign coding and Precise rate control
      • 2007-VCIP (Core A) – Impact of Rate Control Tools on very fast non-embedded wavelet image encoders
      • 2007-ICIP (Class 2) – A General Frame-By-Frame Wavelet Transform Algorithm For A Three-Dimensional Analysis With Reduced Memory Usage
      • 2007-ACM (Class 1)- Quality Assessment Metrics vs PSNR under packet loss scenarios in MANET Wireless Networks
        • 2017-XXVIII-JP – Paralelización Jerárquica del Codificador HEVC en Plataformas Heterogéneas
        • 2017-XXVIII-JP-2 – Análisis de Rendimiento de la Transmisión de Flujos de Vídeo en Entornos WLAN
        • 2016-XXVII-JP – Sintonización de la cuantización uniforme en compresores perceptuales de imagen basados en la transformada wavelet
        • 2015-XXVI-JP – Adaptive dead zone estimation for wavelet based encoder
        • 2013-XXIV-JP – An Evaluation of HEVC using Common Conditions
        • 2012-PMMHWWN – Modeling Video Streaming over VANETs
        • 2012-XXIII-JP – Video Transmission Simulations in Vehicular Adhoc Networks
        • 2012-XXIII-JP-2 – Fast zerotree wavelet depth map encoder for very low bitrates
        • 2012-WMDCT – Perceptually enhanced encoder for high definition video content
        • 2012-ICCE – A low complexity wavelet based depth map encoder for low bit rate 3D Video Applications
        • 2012-2-ICCE – Sensitivity of the HVS for Binocular disparity Cue in 3D Displays under Different Ambient Illumination Conditions
        • 2011-XXII-JP – Genetic Algorithm to Predict Wavelet Coefficients Sign
        • 2011-XXII-JP-2 – Perceptually enhanced INTRA video encoder for high definition/quality services
        • 2011-MCCSIS – Miembro comité de programa en el Congreso IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems – MCCSIS
        • 2010-WMDCT – Fast low memory demanding 3D video encoder
        • 2009-XX-JP – Enhanced Non-embedded Lower Tree Wavelet Encoder
        • 2008-XIX-JP – Embedded Lower Tree Wavelet encoder
        • 2008-XIX-JP-2 – Behavior of Quality Assessment Metrics under Packet Losses on Wireless Networks
        • 2008-XIX-JP-3 – Low-Complexity Distributed Video Coding Architecture
        • 2007-XVIII-JP – A practical study of video streaming over IEEE 802.11 wireless networks using DirectShow video encoders
        • 2007-XVIII-JP-2 – PSNR vs. quality assessment metrics for image and video codec performance evaluation
        • 2007-XVIII-JP-3 – Motion-LTW: a fast and efficient intra video coding system with low memory consumption
        • 2006-ELMAR – A Heuristic Bitrate Control for Non-embedded wavelet image Encoders
        • 2006-XVII-JP – A Analysis of fast Bitrate Control Algorithms for Nonembedded Wavelet Image Encoders

          Book Chapters - Capítulos de libro

          • 2013-DMS – Improving image compression through the use of evolutionary computing algorithms
          • 2010-MRN – Testing performance of current video codecs in teleoperated mobile robot applications: a practical experience
          • 2009-EIST – International Standards for Image Compression